Along the bridge linking the Americas, there exists a world unlike any other, where the best of two continents converge to form one of the most dynamic countries in the world: Panama.

A Miami-esque skyline meets cobbled streets and ruins in Panama’s capital, Panama City. One of the safest cities anywhere, a first-world infrastructure, melting pot of cultures, vibrant nightlife, and the only rainforest within city limits in the world add to its appeal.

Linking the Pacific and Atlantic, the Panama Canal, which sees some 13,000 vessels a year, is truly one of modern man’s finest masterpieces. And between the canal and adjacent national parks, splendid flora and fauna and indigenous Emberá villages, adventure awaits.

East of the Panama Canal, the San Blas archipelago is an indigenous autonomous territory of islands stretching more than 124 miles. A destination of mountains, white sand beaches and prolific coral reefs, fill your time exploring islands, hiking jungles, purchasing handicrafts, or interacting with friendly indigenous people.

Moving northwest, the Bocas del Toro Archipelago is an island hopper’s dream, comprising of more than nine islands, islets and keys. The largest and most developed island, Colón Island, is a relaxed and welcoming community of clapboard houses, wide streets, and businesses, in addition to a variety of hotels and cuisine. Bocas del Toro Town is a prime base for exploration; opportunities for boat trips, snorkeling, mainland adventures and more abound.

Nestled in Panama’s most western province Chiriquí, you’ll find the delightful town Boquete. Spring temperatures, breathtaking mountain surroundings, coffee plantations and orchid farms cements this paradises’ claim as a top retirement spot. Avid birders will enjoy the area’s over 900 bird species. Savor Boquete’s world-renown coffee, bask in its hot springs, and enjoy its small-town atmosphere, all underneath its magical multi-rainbow sky.

This is our Alluring Panama, a captivating stage where characters evolve and plots unfold.

Bocas del Toro
(Bocas del Toro, Panama)
(Boquete, Chiriqui, Panama)
Gatún Lake
(Gatun Lake, Colon, Panama)
Panama City
(Panama City, Panama)
Playa Blanca
(Playa Blanca, Panama)
(Portobelo, Colon, Panama)

Essential Information

Major Gateway Cities

Panama City

Approx. Flying Time

Miami 2-3 hrs
Atlanta 4-5 hrs
New York 5-6 hrs
Houston 4-5 hrs
Los Angeles 6-7 hrs

When To Visit

Good Sep-Oct
Better May-Aug / Nov
Best Dec-Apr

For USA Citizens

Passport, valid for 6 months beyond entry into country is required. No visa required.







Panamanian Balboa (PAB)

Time Difference

Panama is 0 to 1 hours behind US Eastern Time Zone depending on the time of year.

From Our Guests

The family enjoyed the trip to Panama immensely! No one wanted to return home which is always a great indicator. Your guide Rodrigo is truly an amazing individual, a Renaissance Man if there ever was one. He added immensely to both our enjoyment and education on the trip.