Florianópolis Peninsula

Florianópolis is the capital of southern Brazil’s state Santa Catarina. Half of the port city is situated on the west coast of Santa Catarina Island (which most Brazilians refer to as Florianópolis), linked to its mainland half by the suspension bridge Hercílio Luz Bridge, one of the longest bridges in Brazil. Nicknamed the “Magic Island,” Santa Catarina is a top tourist destination with a wonderful variety of superb beaches—42 in all, each with its own unique neighbourhood personality, and all easily accessible via public bus route; beautiful scenery; and endless opportunities for adventure such as scuba diving, parasailing, hiking and nature trail walks.

Attracting thousands of Argentines alone, the north is by far the busiest area, particularly during summer, its warm waters boasting the best beaches such as Jurerê and Brava. While the southern end is the least developed of the island, where you will find isolated and unspoilt beaches, and few options for entertainment.

The east is inarguably the crowning jewel of the island, boasting some of the best surfing beaches like Praia da Joaquina, Moçambique, and the most beautiful, Praia Mole, which has several beach bars. You will be stunned by the natural beauty of the area, verdant mountains, soft white sand dunes, and the pretty Lagoa da Conceição lagoon, where you can enjoy activities such as boating, wakeboarding, and fishing. The charming town center of the same name offers trendy cafés, a range of shopping from local handcrafts to international brands, excellent restaurant options, a lively nightlife scene, and even a post office and a medicinal clinic.

Finally, on the west coast, the city of Florianópolis itself is fairly modern, with high rises and office buildings, a variety of restaurants from chain to high-end, shopping malls, and many glitzy nightclubs. At the city’s center, several well-maintained examples of colonial architecture among the cobbled streets, typical houses, churches and museums are found.

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Essential Information

Reasons to Visit

  • Golf
  • Honeymoon & Romance
  • Spa & Wellness
  • Sun & Sand

Recommended Stay

3-5 nights

When To Visit

Good Jun-Oct
Better May / Nov
Best Dec-Apr