Manaus & The Amazon Jungle, Brazil

18-Guest Deluxe Class Vessel

The Tucano experience offers the classical elegance of a bygone era combined with the capability and the spirit of modern exploration. The Motor Yacht Tucano is comfortable, sophisticated and very well suited to exploring the Amazon wilderness. The vessel has the elegant design of the classic river steamships that navigated the Amazon in the late 19th century, but was built entirely new using sophisticated equipment, materials and advanced construction techniques, offering all the convenience, security and comfort of a modern yacht. The traditional design of M/Y Tucano affords several crucial advantages for Amazon river travel, enabling the vessel to explore the small meandering rivers where wildlife is abundant but which are closed to almost all other passenger vessels. M/Y Tucano’s design also allows for ample interior space over its 3 decks. With over 70 large windows, all of which are 3 feet high and can be opened and closed, the vessel is bright and airy. The cabins, the Salon – where meals are enjoyed, and the main corridors are all crafted of elegant raised wood paneling. All the 9 air-conditioned cabins are outside cabins with lots of windows and full private bathrooms. Some cabins can accommodate 3 travelers. While some cabin categories are smaller than others, they are still bright, airy and comfortable. Since the corridors on M/Y Tucano are on the inside instead of running around the outside of the vessel, the cabins offer extra privacy. The several balcony areas and the Observation Deck offer ideal spots to relax, spot wildlife or soak in the vastness of the Amazon. Designed with three systems to increase our sustainability (solar power, waste management and pollution control), Motor Yacht Tucano endeavors to operate the most sustainable cruises in the Amazon.