Stella Australis

Southern Patagonia, Chile

210-Guest Deluxe Class Vessel

Indulge in first class Chile travel onboard the Stella Australis, an awe-inspiring adventure cruise ship offering tourists a relaxed stay while providing breathtaking Patagonian scenery, a beautiful atmosphere, exceptional cuisine and amazing customer service – the perfect choice to enjoy the beauty of Patagonia. This impressive ship, which was specially designed to navigate the southern channels, consists of 100 comfortable cabins that provide you with incredible ocean views and lavish décor, and can hold up to 210 passengers. You won’t even miss working out on your Patagonia vacation cruise as the ship contains a gym on the upper deck. During navigation, passengers have access to a library with extensive literature on the flora, fauna and history of the region, as well as board games and other on-board entertainment. Presentations are given on the different expeditions and are complemented with information of interest on the fauna, geography, glaciology, ethnography, and history of the region. In recognition of the privilege to operate our tours through this spectacular and untouched scenery, in one of the few uninhabited areas on the planet, a number of initiatives have been created to minimize the footprint of our operations, avoiding mass tourism and promoting a series of practices onboard and on expeditions, so that these precious locations are cared for, respected, and maintained. All expeditions are guided by experts who have been trained to inform and educate with a scientific basis, and to provide recommendations to passengers to ensure minimal environmental impact with each landing.