A country rich in biodiversity and culture, Ecuador has it all and more.

For most, the journey begins in the capital city Quito. Proudly the first city in the world to be declared a World Heritage Site, Quito’s center and colonial buildings celebrates a mix of Spanish and indigenous art, a fusion highlighted by the extraordinary baroque architecture.

North of Quito, cloistered by the Andes and towering volcanoes, lies the town of Otavalo, whose extraordinary textiles and handicrafts of its famous Otavalo Market attracts many. Here the locals do business much the way their ancestors did, making for an authentic cultural experience.

Further South is Ecuador’s 2nd most important city, Cuenca. With its museums, colonial parks and cathedrals, this “Athens of Ecuador” is marked by a vibrant artistic, cultural, and intellectual scene.

Ecuador provides the easiest access to the Amazon basin on the continent. Ecuador’s Amazon rainforest boasts the largest biodiversity on the planet, concentrated in its Yasuní National Park and Biosphere Reserve. With 1,600 species of birds and 70,000 insect species, the Amazon’s plethora of flora and fauna is sure to awe even the most explored of individuals.

And lastly, Ecuador’s extraordinary crowning jewel: the nineteen islands and scores of rocks and islets off the coast. Forged some millions of years ago, the islands phenomenal array of species has changed the course of human history. The Galápagos archipelago boasts the highest rate of endemic species in the world, inhabited by a mind-blowing amount of fearless wildlife; from giant tortoises to exotic marine iguanas. Strikingly diverse, the Galápagos Islands are a rich specimen in the beauty of evolution that promise to awe, entertain, and inspire.

This is our Alluring Ecuador, a wealth of richness to stimulate the soul.

(Quito, Pichincha, Ecuador)
Otavalo Region
Mashpi Reserve
(Pacto, Ecuador)
(Guayaquil, Guayas, Ecuador)
Galápagos Islands
(Galápagos Islands, Ecuador)
Cotopaxi Region
(Cotopaxi, Ecuador)
(Cuenca, Azuay, Ecuador)
Ecuadorian Amazon
(Sacha Lodge Boat Dock, Ecuador)

Essential Information

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Approx. Flying Time

Miami 4-5 hrs
Atlanta 5-6 hrs
New York 6-7 hrs
Houston 5-6 hrs
Los Angeles 8-9 hrs

When To Visit

Good Dec-Mar
Better Apr-May / Oct-Nov
Best Jun-Sep

For USA Citizens

Passport, valid for 6 months beyond entry into country is required. No visa required.







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Time Difference

Ecuador is 0 to 2 hours behind US Eastern Time Zone depending on the time of year.

From Our Guests

Well, we’re back from our fabulous, fabulous trip. We loved every moment of it!! You really took care of us. We had the very best guides, rooms, everything! The Galapagos was unbelievably cool and the girls had a great time. We also toured Quito the first day and then went to the Otavalo Valley which was spectacularly beautiful and we loved both the food and textile markets. We bought lots! I really appreciated your excellence in what you do. You thought of everything. All of our seats were right, hotels were amazing, and the detail with which you organized and thought through everything was so impressive. Thanks for the effort and all your hard work. Every trip we’ve taken with you has been first-rate.

– Liz