Uruguay, as South America’s smallest country is often overlooked, but it’s secret reveals a rich history against the backdrop of an elegant panorama.

Nestled on the banks of the Río de la Plata, Montevideo spreads through sandy beaches, shopping avenues, restaurants and numerous parks and plazas. A unique collection of styles ranging from colonial to Art Deco, makes Uruguay’s capital unrivaled in terms of architectural beauty and diversity. Whether you pay a visit to the museums or a lively street market, you will be immersed in Montevideo culture.

About a 3 hour drive west from Montevideo or a 1 hour hydrofoil crossing from Buenos Aires, Argentina is Colonia. Radiating with unspoiled charm, Colonia displays an amazingly preserved showcase of its 17th century Portuguese roots. Stroll into the Barrio Histórico, where flower-laden windowsills give way to historic churches from the 1680s, or wander past single-story homes from the days of Portuguese settlement. With a collection of shops, cafés and museums, you can’t help but lose yourself in the serenity of this romantic UNESCO World Heritage City gem.

A 2 hour drive east of Montevideo lies the resort town of Punta del Este, the premier destination among the elite. Attracting visitors to its beautiful beaches, stylish hotels, glitzy dining options, casinos and yacht clubs, summer finds Punta de Este its busiest months for those who wish to see and be seen, or simply soak in the radiant cosmopolitan energy. Continue little further east for the relaxed, tiny fishing village of José Ignacio, the premier getaway for the jetset. Defined by its boho-chic charm, José Ignacio offers its own share of restaurants, shops, and upscale contemporary properties.

This is our Alluring Uruguay, a dynamic haven to reveal a myriad of delights.

Colonia & Carmelo
(-33.991769, -58.286636)
José Ignacio
(José Ignacio, Maldonado, Uruguay)
(Montevideo, Montevideo Department, Uruguay)
Punta del Este
(Punta del Este, Maldonado, Uruguay)

Essential Information

Major Gateway Cities


Approx. Flying Time

Miami 9-10 hrs
Atlanta 12-13 hrs
New York 13-14 hrs
Houston 12-13 hrs
Los Angeles 15-16 hrs

When To Visit

Good Jun-Sep
Better Apr-May / Oct-Nov
Best Dec-Mar

For USA Citizens

Passport, valid for 6 months beyond entry into country is required. No visa required.







Uruguayan Peso (UYU)

Time Difference

Uruguay is 1 to 2 hours ahead of US Eastern Time Zone depending on the time of year.

From Our Guests

Thank you for all your hard work to make our Uruguay trip perfect. You succeeded wonderfully and the trip exceeded my very high expectations.  Your staff were impeccable in their management of every detail and their responsiveness to all the special needs of one of our family members. We really enjoyed the really laid back vibe of Jose Ignacio and the beaches there. In addition, the tours you arranged for us in Colonia and Montevideo and dining recommendations you provided throughout our trip were awesome.