The 50 Best Restaurants in Latin America

Monday, December 4th, 2017

The results of Latin America’s 50 Best Restaurants (sponsored by S.Pellegrino & Acqua Panna) were announced at an awards ceremony held on Tuesday 24th October in Bogotá, Colombia. Latin American cuisine is a culinary experience that everyone should partake in at least once (or twice) throughout their lifetime. Through its array of flavors, aromas, and creative dishes, each dish is perfectly constructed by world-renowned chefs to ensure every meal and its components are savored to the fullest. Below are some of our favorite and highly recommended restaurants that ranked in Latin America’s 50 best restaurants. We promise you that each and every one of these restaurants will leave you craving for another bite. To view the entire list of 50 restaurants, click here.

No. 1 | Maido – Lima, Peru

‘Maido’ is the Japanese word for welcome and for the hospitable ambiance exuded by the restaurant. The word is also used to define the gastronomic journey that guests will experience through the Peruvian-Nikkei fusion cuisine. The inspiration for the culinary fusion of Peruvian-Nikkei cuisine comes from chef Mitsuharu Tsumura’s fascination with Japanese cooking after a trip to Osaka, Japan in 2009. Maido’s menu includes dishes such as the 50-hour braised short rib,  snail dim sum, and the fish and octopus choripan.

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No. 3 | D.O.M. – São Paulo, Brazil

Alex Atala is a well-known chef in Latin America who appeared on the popular Netflix documentary series, Chef’s table. Aside from his fame, he owns D.O.M. a Brazilian-Amazonian restaurant in São Paulo, Brazil. Chef Atala is known for his fascination with the Amazon, thus he always incorporates Amazon ingredients into his extraordinary dishes such as the Pirarucu, an Amazonian fish with acai berry and aromatic chili.

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No. 5 | Boragó –  Santiago, Chile

Boragó is an innovative and contemporary restaurant that introduces guests to Chilean ingredients and cuisine. Opened in 2009 by Chef Rodolfo Guzman, Boragó experienced some initial hardships but managed to survive through their dedication of consistently providing high quality and innovative dishes. Some Chilean delicacies to look out for include the venison tartare with maqui berries and the Patagonian lamb ‘à la inverse’ with wild Patagonian apple millefeuille.

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No. 10 | Tegui – Buenos Aires, Argentina

Sophisticated yet smart is a perfect depiction of Tegui, a restaurant by Germán Martitegui. He is known for bringing attention to contemporary Argentine cuisine by using only the freshest local ingredients. When in Buenos Aires, we encourage you to take experience Tegui and try the Scallops with kefir and quinoa.

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No. 16 | Lasai – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Enjoy farm-to-table Brazilian cuisine while being surrounded by spectacular views of the landmark known as Christ the Redeemer. Lasai’s decor combines natural and modern materials to create a stunning dining space. Not only is the decor well done, but the world-class cooking provides a great dining experience. Additionally, Lasai is known for having the best wine service and cocktail bar in Brazil.

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No. 17 | Harry Sasson – Bogotá, Colombia

The award-winning restaurant known as Harry Sasson offers an eclectic menu, blending Latin America, Asian, and European cuisine. It is also one of Colombia’s most popular dining destinations as its owned by none other than Harry Sasson himself. While Harry Sasson’s restaurant offers a variety of globally inspired dishes, we recommend trying the Sabor de Colombia or Taste of Colombia.

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No. 20 | Maito – Panama City, Panama

The experience provided by Chef Mario Castrellón and his staff exemplifies an authentic yet captivating ambiance with contemporary Panamanian cuisine. At Maito, the atmosphere is casual but innovative providing unique and exciting dishes.  If you’re looking for a new delicacy to savor, we recommend the Lamb chops with tamarind sauce topped off with chocolate and red rice.

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No. 22 | Parador La Huella – José Ignacio, Uruguay

Are you looking for a chic beachside retreat in José Ignacio? Parador La Huella offers an abundance of savory dishes from seafood, sushi, and grilled meat. When in Uruguay, stop by Parador La Huella and let Chef Vanessa Gonzalez prepared you one of her many grilled specialties.

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