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Galapagos Activities and Excursions

Fun ways to explore and immerse yourself in the envornment and conditions

Enjoy a fascinating array of activities and excursions, allowing guests to explore the archipelago from multiple perspectives.

Explore and Immerse

On your journey through out the Galapagos, you'll find there are many different and unique forms of exploration, intriguing everyones curiosity as to what they may find.

From a simple yet enduring hike, a relaxing and meditative paddle in a kayak or an exhilarating dive under the surface in snorkeling gear, there’s truly something for everyone. Those willing to take on the adventure may find not only something cool or extraordinary, but gain the experience of a lifetime!

Transportation for Exploration

Galapagos Hotels and Vessels


For each Galapagos trip you have your choice of accommodations: a vessel or staying in a Galapagos Hotel.
Each trip varies, so accomodations are subject to change.