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Luxury Travel to Panama

See the legendary sights and absorb Panama’s effervescent vibe on a journey of a lifetime.

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There are endless possibilities for luxury travel, Panama style.

You’ll find the Bocas del Toro archipelago surrounded by Caribbean waters. Or how about untouched rainforests filled with species found nowhere else in the world?

In addition, you can take advantage of the wide cultural diversity and relics of a wild history. Truly, Panama is an enthralling destination.

Panama has it all

Places to see in Panama

Follow our guide to start planning your luxury tour. Panama has it all, whether you’re looking to enjoy historical cultural sites or the best resorts in Panama. Alluring Americas can show you the way!

Bocas del Toro

Caribbean archipelago

This Caribbean archipelago is an island-hopper’s dream! Initially a backpackers’ destination and ecotourist mecca, Bocas del Toro now offers more upscale accommodations and restaurants. However, the area still retains its diversity of wildlife and people.


Westernmost province

You’ll find Boquete nestled in Panama’s westernmost province, Chiriquí. Here you can enjoy spring temperatures with breathtaking mountain surroundings, all while taking in the small-town atmosphere. In addition, you can sip Boquete’s world-renowned coffee from the El Salto region.

Gatún Lake

Panama Canal

Known as the most scenic spot on the Panama Canal, Gatún Lake is truly a serene setting. Imagine tiring out the kids with a number of exciting activities on this picturesque lake.

Cerro Jefe is the only place in the world where you can see the sun rise over the Pacific and set in the Atlantic.

Panama City

The capital city

A skyline reminiscent of Miami meets cobbled streets and ruins in Panama’s capital city. Known to be extremely safe, this melting pot appeals to many travelers. Find vibrant nightlife in close proximity to a rainforest—the only one in the world that exists within city limits.

Panama luxury vacations

Places to visit in Panama

From the miraculous Black Christ statue in Portobelo to the impressive Chorro El Macho Waterfall, Panama is brimming with delights for tourists of all ages. Read on for a list of destinations Alluring Americas recommends for Panama luxury vacations.

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When you’re in Bocas del Toro

More than nine islands, islets, and keys make up this archipelago. Use Bocas del Toro town as your base for exploration. Colón Island, the largest and most developed island in the archipelago, hosts a relaxing and welcoming community with comfortable hotels and delicious cuisine.

When you’re in Boquete

Tour an exotic orchid farm, or enjoy a spectacular array of other radiant flowers while in this charming town.

During your tailor-made luxury tour of Panama, celebrate an anniversary or any other special occasion with a dip in the Caldera River’s hot springs. Another must-see destination is the famed Quetzal Trail, which offers a view of a magical cloud forest.

When you’re in Gatún Lake

If you find yourself on and around the lake, consider sailing to Monkey Island. Capuchin monkeys, toucans, and three-toed sloths are among the local residents.

When you’re in Panama City

Set on lovely Panama Bay, this city offers a wonderful glimpse into all the country’s charms. In addition to being Central America’s most cosmopolitan capital, the city drips with historical interest and with modern delights.

Panama Canal

Once you leave Panama City, don’t miss the famous Panama Canal. This canal has three sets of double locks—the popular Miraflores Locks on the Pacific side boast observation decks, a restaurant, and a museum. Consider taking a transit boat with the kids up the canal for an educational waterside perspective.

If you’re the adventurous type, plan to scuba dive in the Panama Canal to find vestiges of communities and railroads that existed prior to the flooding.

San Blas Islands

If you’re the kind of traveler who craves a less-developed, more-rugged beach landscape, go to the San Blas Islands. There you can dine on whatever the locals catch in a given day and treat yourself to a sweet Coco Loco cocktail (or several). Luxury in San Blas consists of resting in the lap of nature.

Pearl Islands

Still mostly uninhabited, Contadora Island is among the 250 islands that make up Islas de las Perlas. This particular island is popular for its extraordinary resorts. Moreover, it boasts beautiful white sandy beaches and offers excellent whale-watching opportunities.

Full of opportunities

Things to do in Panama

Be the author of your own story during your Panama luxury vacation.


Bocas del Toro

Boat trips, snorkeling, swimming, and sunbathing will keep you and your family busy. Go to the archipelago’s second-largest island, Isla Bastimentos, for some popular Panamanian-style seafood and for wildlife viewing adventures.

Visit the marine reserve on Bastimentos Island to spy on tiny bright-red poison dart frogs.

Outdoor activities


Outdoor enthusiasts love this top destination for its rock climbing, white-water rafting, and river kayaking.

Furthermore, canopy zip lines and trails that lead to volcanoes round out the possibilities for outdoor adventure—you can enjoy these trails on foot, on horseback, on mountain bike, or on four wheels. While you’re in Boquete, snag an artisanal woven bag lovingly crafted by one of the locals.

Fishing enthusiast

Gatún Lake

Fishing is a main activity on the lake.

Challenge your skills to catch the rare and evasive Cichla pleiozona species of peacock bass! You can also hike around the lake to observe flora and fauna in their natural habitat.

City life

Panama City

Old city ruins of Panamá Viejo join Casco Viejo to form a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The restored areas include many points of interests, including the Old Panama Cathedral, which traces its origins back to the sixteenth century. Panama City also functions as a convenient base for day trips to Pacific or Caribbean beaches.

Gamboa Rainforest

Wondrous world

Another convenient trip from Panama City, the Gamboa Rainforest is just a thirty-minute drive away. Schedule a river-boat tour, a kayaking trip, or a night safari to discover this vast and wonderous world the right way.

If you’re feeling fancy, schedule Sunday brunch at the gorgeous Gamboa Rainforest Resort. Classic breakfast dishes, sushi, pasta, and salads are plentiful at this mimosa brunch.

Playa Blanca

Sandy beaches

Take a road trip along the Pacific Coast on the Pan-American Highway. Find the white sandy beaches of the small yet fast-growing village of Playa Blanca.

On a Sunday morning, visit the market to buy souvenirs. And remember—Panama hats aren’t actually made in Panama!

All kinds of vibes

Where to stay in Panama

Panama embodies all kinds of vibes—from urban and busy to secluded and peaceful. Alluring Americas can assist you in finding perfect accommodations in every destination you visit.

Where to stay in Bocas del Toro

Popular luxury hotels are plentiful here. If you’ve come to scuba dive, consider a boutique hotel that caters to that activity.

Where to stay in Boquete

Coffee lovers should contemplate booking a boutique hotel on a coffee plantation to get the full experience of the “Napa Valley of coffee.” Also, practice your swing at a golf resort. There are many comfortable lodgings to be found in Boquete.

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Where to stay in Gatún Lake

Whether you favor traditional hotels or stylish resorts, you’ll be glad to know the accommodations in this area offer bountiful views of the surrounding rainforest, mountains, and lakes.

Where to stay in Panama City

Panama City boasts world-class accommodations, eclectic lodgings, and everything in between. Take in the urban delights at a hotel in town, or book a place a few miles out to surround yourself with nature.

Panama travel information

Indulge yourself with the pinnacle of luxurious rail transportation on the historic Panama Railroad. This fully operational vintage train offers weekday service from Panama City to Colón. The UNESCO World Heritage Site of Fort Lorenzo is to the northeast of Colón, and Gatún Lake is to the south.

Though Panama can get decent rainfall, it’s outside the hurricane belt. So just be sure to pack your poncho, and throw some bug repellent in the bag too.

No visa is required for travelers holding a Canadian or US passport. The official language is Spanish, but many people speak English. Furthermore, Panamanians are very friendly and helpful. Panama is generally a safe country, but as in all cities, use caution when walking the streets, especially after dark.

Your vacation in Panama

Your Panama vacation itinerary

Once you land in Panama City, check into your luxurious accommodations. First of all, we recommend staying in the capital for a few days so you can check a few nearby attractions off your list. Gamboa Rainforest and the Panama Canal are popular and worthwhile day trips you can take from Panama City.

Then, we suggest traveling to Gatún Lake or Playa Blanca, spending a few or more days in each, depending on what you’re in the mood for. Consider saving the more distant destinations of Bocas del Toro and Boquete for the latter part of your stay in Panama.

This is our Alluring Panama—a captivating stage where characters evolve and plots unfold. Because we handcraft private, culturally immersive experiences, your trip is perfectly curated to reflect your curiosity and passions. Whether you need a romantic getaway or an unforgettable family adventure, Alluring Americas is the luxury travel company that will lead you on the journey of a lifetime.