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Diving in the Galápagos

A Galápagos Islands visit is an unparalleled personal experience with the natural world, best uncovered by an expeditionary Galápagos cruise or private charter.

Why is diving in the Galápagos so popular? This is because the islands are the a geographically remote location and mostly untouched by man. Providing 15 main islands and an abundance of even smaller habitats containing shallow water where its main source of oceanic currents includes the Humboldt, Cromwell, and Panama.

Galápagos diving is divided into two seasons: Whale Shark Season (June thru November) and the slightly warmer Manta Season (December thru May). Diving aficionados believe that the cooler, dryer season of June through November is the best time for diving and snorkeling as the cool water temperature attracts vast marine life.

Divers suggest the islands of Charles Darwin as it is the hammerhead shark capital of the world. Additionally, you can also spot horn sharks, white tips, sleek Galápagos shark and if you’re lucky you might come across the tiger shark as well. The marine life in the Galápagos is so diverse that you may encounter giant schools of fish and varieties of rays ranging from mobula, spotted eagle, marble, and golden.

It is to be noted that diving in the Galápagos Islands is considered as an advanced level. This is due to the strong currents, varying and at times limited visibility, and cold water temperatures. Divers must be comfortable with these precautions and have the experience in currents and negative back-roll entries from smaller boats.