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Luxury Travel to Peru

Immerse yourself in an ancient culture and emerge an enlightened explorer of old worlds.

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Who knew the best archaeology lessons are taught with luxury travel?

Peru offers a wealth of otherworldly experiences in remarkable destinations that bind the present and ancient past. From the ruins of Machu Picchu to the Peruvian Amazonia, Peru truly is a land of old worlds.

Ancient land

Places to see in Peru

Featuring the world’s highest sand dune and deepest canyon as well as some of its oldest and most puzzling archeological mysteries, this ancient land attracts visitors of all ages and agendas. Whether you’re an experienced backpacker or beachside sunbather, Alluring Americas can handcraft a trip to Peru you won’t soon forget.


The capital of Peru

The capital of Peru, commonly called the “City of Kings,” was once ranked as the richest and most important city in the Americas. It boasts the country’s best museums and culinary delights. And from here you can take a day trip to the secret oasis of Huacachina.


Step into the past

The fabled capital of the Inca empire, Cusco lies within hours of the Sacred Valley of the Incas.

But travelers the world over come here to step into the past. Cusco’s famed Spanish colonial architecture lines old cobbled streets. And at night, the city comes alive to the sounds of traditional and modern music.

Machu Picchu

Lost City of the Incas

The famed “Lost City of the Incas,” Machu Picchu remains the continent’s most famous archaeological site, rediscovered in 1911.

This UNESCO World Heritage Site was abandoned during the Spanish Conquest, and it’s a classic Peru must-see.

Lower Amazon of Peru

Mighty Amazon River

Celebrated biodiversity, rich indigenous cultures, and excellent food await you in the Amazon region of Peru. If you plan to travel with family, take the kids to cruise the mighty Amazon River—it’s an education beyond the book or classroom.

Incredible sights

Places to visit in Peru

Peru is home to many incredible sights, and this is our list of favorite destinations. But we caution travelers that there may be some early mornings involved to gain proper access. Therefore, we recommend some local coffee to make those early wake-up calls a little easier.

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When you’re in Lima

A leisurely pace in Lima will ensure that you visit all the many markets and museums of this popular city without growing tired. However, the benefit is twofold: scoping out the city allows for weary travelers to acclimate to the Peru’s higher altitude. So take it easy—it’ll be worth it! In addition, Lima has some ruins of its own—ones that predate Machu Picchu’s construction!

When you’re in Cusco

You can find colorful traditional markets and adventure sports within this city. Hiking and camping are essential activities and widely available based on your preferences. Furthermore, a couple of hours’ drive will take you to the Sacred Valley of the Incas or the stunning Maras Salt Mines.

When you’re in Machu Picchu

Explore Machu Picchu, one of the New Seven Wonders of the World, and ponder the secrets of its construction, function, and demise. Next, wander its mazes of temples and plazas, but don’t forget to get your passport stamped! Machu Picchu has a little booth where you can get this one-of-a-kind souvenir during your visit.

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When you’re by Lake Titicaca

Straddling Peru’s southern border with Bolivia are the mythic shores of Lake Titicaca. Rampant legend surrounds this fabled body of water. In fact, it is said to have been the place of origin of the first Inca chieftain and his sister.

When you’re in the Peruvian Amazon

Discover one of the most biodiverse regions on the planet. To get here, you’ll want to travel to Iquitos, which can serve as your home base and main access point. So gear up for exciting adventures that will take you deep into the jungle!

When you’re in Arequipa

Pearly white buildings made of volcanic rock canvas the landscape of the “White City,” the doorway to the Colca Canyon. But catch up on rest in Arequipa before you explore one of the world’s deepest canyons.

When you’re in Máncora

Finally, the northern Peruvian coast offers Peru’s prized stretches of golden beach, good surf, and warm waters. And here, so near to the Ecuadorian border, you’ll taste seafood from right off the boat. Consider this year-round destination as a finale to your Peru luxury travel holiday.

Ancient culture that still lives

Things to do in Peru

Whether you’re setting the mood for romance or family action, rest assured that your adventure will be guided by the most premium of Peruvian tour companies. Expose your partner, children, or both to a rare ancient culture that still lives and breathes today.

Museums and culinary delights


Lima boasts the country’s best museums and culinary delights. Indeed, here you can make dinner reservations at some of the most exclusive and groundbreaking restaurants in the world.

With over four thousand varieties of potatoes and eleven types of ceviche, there are plenty of foods to satisfy you before your adventure ahead.

Rainbow Mountain


From Cusco, you can take single-day or multi-day trips to a number of sites. One such day trip should be to Rainbow Mountain, world famous for its many colors of sediment. They range from turquoise to lavender, maroon to gold, and more, depending on environmental conditions.

Rite of passage for visitors

Machu Picchu

Aguas Calientes is the entry point to Machu Picchu. Appropriately named “hot waters,” the city’s natural thermal baths invite travelers coming and going from the ruins to have a relaxing soak. And while you soak, marvel at the vast mountainous landscape surrounding you. Truly, this is a rite of passage for visitors.

Ancient customs and traditions

Lake Titicaca

The city of Puno hugs the lake’s shores. Here, inhabitants continue to practice ancient customs and traditions in and around the city, which is hundreds of years old.

So journey through Puno and around Lake Titicaca to take in impressive burial towers, exquisite colonial churches, or famous pre-Inca pottery on display around the town.

Make a special note to come here

Lower Amazon

Three different reserves are marked by distinct ecological zones, home to a number of diverse endangered species. When choosing what to do in Peru, make a special note to come here if you can!

You can explore the Amazon’s largest protected flooded forest by boat or from a forest jungle lodge.

Famous and iconic lake

Laguna 69

For the few, the brave, and the experienced, Laguna 69 is a famous and iconic lake that captures the hearts of backpackers and hikers from San Francisco to Vienna and everywhere between.

This truly turquoise crystalline lake sits at the base of a giant glacier. In fact, the lake rests at an elevation of only two thousand feet below the base camp on Everest.

Finding a home away from home

Where to stay in Peru

Finding a home away from home is easy with Alluring Americas as your guide. Accordingly, we can find luxury accommodations to fit your needs. And because distance is always a consideration here, luxury trains are available to deliver you to your desired destination.

Where to stay in Lima

Gorgeous hotels await you in Lima. After a lengthy flight, look forward to resting in a hotel that prioritizes guests’ wishes. You will find that this city beautifully combines old-world grandeur with new-world hustle. And know that your accommodations are conveniently close to some of the country’s best landmarks and museums.

Where to stay in Cusco

Within the Sacred Valley of Incas, close to Cusco, you can sleep in a transparent hanging bedroom that offers a full view of the mystical valley below.

Consider this a magical complement to a romantic getaway. Or if you and the family prefer to remain closer to the ground and nearer to the action, multiple camping sites are available to split up your hiking days. Finally, day-trippers can stay in a hotel in one of the nearby cities.

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Where to stay in Arequipa and Colca Canyon

You can find some truly striking accommodations in this place of peace and serenity. Perhaps resting at a private retreat would suit you and your family before venturing into the canyon.

Where to stay in the Peruvian Amazon

Within the Amazon jungle of Peru, choose from top-rated rainforest lodges, scattered about to cover the jungle’s vast expanse. But note that where you stay affects what you can see in the Peruvian Amazon. So let Alluring Americas know what experiences you want to share with your family or partner.

Peru travel information

The dry season is during the Peruvian winter, from May to October. Therefore, wet season is from December to March. Keep this in mind when scheduling your trip with Alluring Americas. However, in Peru’s climate, it can rain any time, so we suggest packing a light poncho! Also, don’t forget your sunscreen and hats along with other smart packing choices.

Visiting Machu Picchu is very popular all year round. Hence, it will be important to buy your admission tickets prior to arriving since the site limits the number of people allowed to enter per day.

Peru is at a high altitude, so make a note that you and your family or partner will need to acclimate quickly before exploring. Oxygen is less available in thinner air. But you can avoid altitude sickness by staying hydrated and using an Oxishot—an eight-liter canister of oxygen that you can use when you need a boost.

Where do you want to go?

Your Peru travel itinerary

Upon your arrival in Lima, plan to relax while you acclimate to the altitude. Lima is easy to explore without exerting yourself. And nearby market discoveries and fine dining await you.

Satisfy your curiosity by exploring the grounds of famous archeological site Machu Picchu, unparalleled in history and beauty. Or kayak on Lake Titicaca’s mythical waters. And for those longing to see the Amazon, enjoy a luxury river cruise through the rainforest.

From Lima you can take trains and buses to the busy or remote places on your list. We recommend staying active throughout the middle of your trip and ending on a relaxing note. But whatever you decide to do here, we promise your experiences will be personal and memorable.

This is our Alluring Peru—unparalleled in history, beauty, and diversity to satisfy every curiosity. Because we handcraft private, culturally immersive experiences, your trip is perfectly curated to reflect your curiosity and passions. Whether you need a romantic getaway or an unforgettable family adventure, Alluring Americas is the luxury travel company that will lead you on the journey of a lifetime.

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