Hacienda Bambusa

The Coffee Triangle, Colombia

Style: Boutique

Hidden amongst the lush and verdant scenery of Colombia’s coffee-producing region, a stay at Hacienda Bambusa is to meet the heart and soul of Colombia. The area is rich in breathtaking scenery, full of marvelous flora and fauna, and inhabited by hardworking, fun-loving, open and friendly people who tend the agricultural richness that fills the valley.

Hacienda Bambusa is an ideal place to relax and explore, with miles of hiking and biking trails crossing the property. Bambusa also makes an ideal base from which to explore the Zona Cafetera (the Coffee Triangle) and coffee plantations. It is perfect for families, couples, and nature lovers; for anyone who wants to enjoy the experience of a beautiful and peaceful environment rather than lots of amenities, nightlife and access to restaurants and shopping centers.