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Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires, Argentina’s largest city and the birthplace of the sensual tango, is a seductive world capital located on the banks of the Rio de la Plata.

Built by European immigrants, Buenos Aires often surprises first-time visitors with its resemblance to parts of Barcelona, Paris, and Rome.

Buenos Aires is a city of contrasts with a variegated heritage that is reflected at every turn. In this cosmopolitan city, the glamour and elegance of its European roots are interwoven with its undeniable Latin American essence. The city is broken up into little barrios, or neighborhoods, each one with its own personality.

Buenos Aires Culture and Way of Life

The beautiful and prestigious Recoleta, trendy Palermo, commerce-minded El Centro, timeless San Telmo, picturesque Puerto Madero, and colorful La Boca all contribute indelibly to the Buenos Aires culture and way of life, as does the remarkable architecture.

As a center of intense cultural activity, Buenos Aires offers the traveler innumerable opportunities for entertainment—museums and historical sites, wonderful restaurants, traditional coffee houses, and delightful shopping at Argentina’s most important boutiques, antique shops, and art galleries.

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