Brazil’s Top 5 Stylish Beach Side Hotels

Wednesday, April 11th, 2018

Brazil is a destination known for its pristine, turquoise blue waters and white sandy beaches. Its shoreline is filled with exclusive resorts perfect for adventurous families or couples seeking a romantic getaway. Brazil’s coast is an ideal destination whether you want to take part in water sports, sunbathe on the beach, or hike through lush vegetation. Discover the exclusivity and charm of Brazil’s Top 5 Stylish Beach Side Hotels.

UXUA Casa Hotel and Spa, Trancoso (Bahia State)

Nestled in the historic Bahia state is UXUA Casa Hotel & Spa, a luxurious accommodation comprised of 11 casas renovated using local materials and traditional techniques. Each casa’s aesthetic is reminiscent of the culture and history of Trancoso, from the religious adornments to the natural elements throughout. While in Trancoso, guests can walk through the car-free town square and experience the vibrancy of this charming town.  If you are more keen on relaxation, head on over to the UXUA’s Almescar Spa, where treatments are organic and influenced by the ancient practices of the Pataxó Indians.

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Ponta dos Ganchos Exclusive Resort, Near Florianopolis (Santa Catarina State)

Along the Emerald Coast is a hidden paradise known as Ponta Dos Ganchos, an exclusive resort home to 25 modern bungalows engulfed by the beautiful scenery of the surrounding landscapes. Due to its oceanside location, the hotel offers many opportunities for new experiences including canoeing, surfing lessons, snorkeling, and fishing to name a few. Savor the freshest delicacies at the Ponta dos Ganchos restaurant, offering a unique gastronomic experience using ingredients grown in the organic kitchen garden. In addition, enjoy the many amenities available such as the heated swimming pool, fitness center, cinema, game room, and ocean-front tennis court.

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Kenoa Exclusive Spa & Beach Resort, Barra de São Miguel (Alagoas State)

Inspired by nature’s tranquility and exuding eco-chic luxury is a private sanctuary in Barra de São Miguel. Being a hidden gem, Kenoa Resort offers “intimacy without being intrusive”, delivering a world-class experience. Kenoa Resort is comprised of a combination of suites and villas, impeccably designed using inspiration from nature while showcasing luxury through simplicity. Dine in style at the Kaamo Restaurant, home to Chef César Santos who’s culinary prominence is present in Brazil and internationally. He is best known for his devotion to creating unique dishes. Experience Kenoa Resort’s exclusivity at the Kaamo Wine bar, a place for wine lovers and connoisseurs to gather, relax and indulge.

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Txai Resort, Itacare (Bahia State)

Itacaré is home to Capoeira, a rich history of Afro-Brazilian culture, and Txai Resort. This resort sits between the Atlantic forest and Itacarezinho beach, a paradise comprised of warm crystalline waters and coconut palm trees. Txai Resort is cozy and exclusive as it only has a few bungalows. Each bungalow is designed with a rustic yet modern aesthetic, including ample space, windows offering picturesque views of the sea and mountains, and traditional Brazilian decor. Additionally, gastronomy aficionados will appreciate the detailed cuisine available using the freshest, local ingredients. Txai Resort strives to promote eco-tourism and sustainability by educating the local communities on the preservation and development of the biodiversity.

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Casas Brancas Boutique Hotel and Spa, Buzios (Rio de Janeiro State)

Located in the small fishing village of Búzios, just hours from Rio de Janeiro is an elegant and beautiful escape known as Casas Brancas Boutique Hotel & Spa. A simple yet sophisticated boutique hotel that radiates tranquility due to its design and location.  Enjoy panoramic ocean views from the Casa Branca’s 74 Restaurant or the Mediterranean style terrace. The rooms are comfortable and stylish using clean, minimalist design that permeates peaceful elegance. Looking to decompose? Head on over to the Casas Brancas Spa to indulge in natural spa treatments provided in impeccable facilities.

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