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Peru may not be known for its golden beaches edged by palm trees and sparkling blue water, but this does not mean that it doesn’t have them!

Travelers heading north of Lima towards the warmer tropical waters, near the Ecuadorian border, will find many beaches of excellent quality that enjoy favorable weather year-round.

Peru’s North Coast

These are havens for soaking up sunshine in the traditional fashion. Peru’s north coast is a year-round destination.

It is hotter and sunnier from December to April, though generally there is sunshine all year. Whale watching is possible from late September to November.

The best-known destination on the north coast is Máncora, the place to see and be seen along the Peruvian coast and a fitting finale to a tour in Peru. On shore, a plethora of restaurants provide fresh seafood straight off the boat as fuel for the long, lazy days.

This somewhat laid-back, ramshackle fishing town offers beach relaxation; an array of outdoor activities such as boat excursions, nature trips, horseback riding; and all manner of other water sports, especially surfing.