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Argentina & Uruguay Romance

10 Days

10 Days

Argentina & Uruguay Romance

Welcome to Argentina & Uruguay! You will be amazed and truly astounded by the beauty, culture and diversity of wildlife and geographical locations during this once in a lifetime trip!

10 Day Sample Itinerary

Trip at a Glance

Let's go on an Adventure

Day 1

Arrival and early check-in into Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Day 2

Sample traditional Parrilla delights, and dance Tango with the locals at a Milonga.

Day 3

Take a scenic trip across the Rio de la Plata via ferry to historic Colonia.

Day 4

Bike through Carmelo’s wine region and enjoy dinner at Posada Campotinto.

Day 5

Walk in the footsteps of past Charrua’s in “old town” Montevideo.

Day 6

Immerse yourself in a day of “Uruguayan Tastes” during a sensory workshop.

Day 7

Explore Casa Pueblo’s beautiful beaches en-route to the coastal town of Jose Ignacio.

Day 8

Sample the region’s best wines and learn to cook Uruguayan delights.

Day 9

Enjoy a day at leisure relaxing on the white sand beaches of your resort.

Day 10

Depart Uruguay.

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Welcome to Buenos Aires!

  • Accommodations: Legado Mitico
  • Meals Included: None Today

On arrival, start your journey with a stay in Buenos Aires.

Explore Recoleta on foot and go off the beaten path. You will be introduced to the history, architecture, traditions, and unique features of this historic Buenos Aires neighborhood. Visit Recoleta Cemetery and hear fascinating tales about local residents. Stop by Pilar Basilica to admire its stunning architecture, then learn about its history at the Recoleta Cultural Center and Old Monastery.

In El Ateneo see Bourdelle’s Monument to Alvear, then continue to the Palais de Glace, where the Argentine tango came of age. Learn about the history of tango before visiting the BA Design Center and Terraces, the National Library, and the National Fine Arts Museum.



Immerse yourself in the Argentine culture during a tango and foodie experiences

  • Accommodations: Legado Mitico
  • Meals Included: Breakfast, Lunch Today

When you are in Buenos Aires, do not miss the chance to learn the Argentine Tango!

With a private lesson in just 90 minutes, you will get a feel for the music and popular dance as you listen to its rhythms and learn the basic steps. Where better to perfect the passionate dance moves than in the city that made tango world famous? Practice your new skills with a visit to a Milonga. In recent years, the tango has experienced a real boom, thanks to visitors and to the new Argentine generations who have set themselves to reclaim their rich heritage. The young have revitalized the itinerating circuit where people dance until very late into night the most authentic form of Tango (also called Milonga), away from the spotlights of the commercial circuit.

Palermo Parrilla Tour. Parrillas are Argentine restaurants offering the most traditional cuisine. Most visitors to Buenos Aires only dine at the most touristy parrillas published in guidebooks, and sadly miss out on some of the city’s most delicious gems. To experience and taste authentic Porteño flavors, join us to discover local restaurants and learn about authentic Argentinian cuisine.



Take a scenic ferry trip across the Rio de la Plata

  • Accommodations: Charco Hotel
  • Meals Included: None Today

Arrive in Uruguay and begin your exploration in the historic streets of Colonia.

Admire the unleveled Portuguese houses and the colorful Spanish-style architecture that gives Colonia its character. Discover small stone streets, Spanish and Portuguese mansions, and downtown. The Rambla, which borders the Old City, to the “Real de San Carlos,” is where you can catch a glimpse of the Bulls Square, Hippodrome, and the Old Port.



Pedal your way through the vineyards visiting a collection of the region’s best wineries

  • Accommodations: Charco Hotel
  • Meals Included: Breakfast, Dinner Today

Sample a variety of local wines as you explore Cordano, and El Legado wineries.

Cordano winery is run by the second generation of the Cordano family. Situated in a restored almacén, guests will enjoy a tasting of local wines. Another small, family-owned winery in the Carmelo area, El Legado, houses a very exclusive and limited wine collection available for your sampling.

This evening enjoy a culinary immersion with dinner at Posada Campotinto hosted by chef Elsa Manelphe. You will sample a variety of local favorite dishes, paired with the best local wines.



Head out to on a fun day to explore Montevideo

  • Accommodations: Sofitel Montevideo Casino Carrasco & Spa
  • Meals Included: Breakfast Today

Venture south and explore “old town” Montevideo.

Founded as a military settlement by the sea, Montevideo was established in 1724. This walking tour starts at the Independence Square, home to a statue of local hero “Jose Gervasio Artigas”. You will be introduced to the history of the city through the “Puerta de la Ciudadela”, the ancient remains of the city’s outer walls. Visit the Solis Theatre, the charming pedestrian area, the Torres Garcia Museum and the “Puro Verso” library, one of the oldest buildings in the area. The tour continues onto the Constitution Square where you will visit the Cathedral, and the Cabildo. Then you will continue walking across the Old City onto the Carnival Museum.

Head to visit the atelier of a local artist and experience Uruguayan culture through the eyes of a local craftsman whose work has been recognized by the UNESCO award of excellence.


Immerse yourself in the local foodie scene during a sensory workshop.

  • Accommodations: Sofitel Montevideo Casino Carrasco & Spa
  • Meals Included: Breakfast, Lunch Today

Enjoy an unforgettable day of Uruguayan local tastes.

Sample carefully planned meals to introduce you gastronomically into the local cuisine. You will have the opportunity to enjoy a mate tasting with local pastries including “dulce de leche” and “bizcochos”, followed by a “Uruguayan picada” with regional cheeses, olives and salamis. Our lunch will include our typical “asado”, mollejas (sweetbread) and chorizo (sausage) accompanied by fresh salads with locally farmed ingredients.

Learn why the Uruguayan asado is grilled with wood (not coal) and how to light up the fire and know when it’s time to grill!  Everything is paired from our wine tasting guided by a specialized sommelier who will teach you how to choose your wines and build your cellar: spirits, champagnes, and the sparkling world of wines. We will finish with Uruguayan liquors and locally crafted cigars.


Travel to the seaside resort town of Jose Ignacio

  • Accommodations: Playa VIK
  • Meals Included: Breakfast Today

En-route explore Casapueblo and admire Uruguay’s beautiful coast.

Perched atop the sea cliffs like a futuristic fairy-tale castle, the snow-white Casapueblo is a work of art and one of Uruguay’s top architectural landmarks. Visit the masterpiece—and former residence—of Uruguayan artist Carlos Páez Vilaró. Head inside to explore the museum and art gallery, where you can peek into Vilaró’s workshop, learn more about the artist’s work, and admire his colorful paintings, sculptures, and murals. The view from the terrace, looking out across the ocean, is a highlight.

Head to visit the beautiful coasts of Piriapolis, Mansa and Brava, and truly understand Uruguay’s famed beach culture.


Sample the region’s best wines, and cooking Uruguayan delights

  • Accommodations: Playa VIK
  • Meals Included: Breakfast, Lunch Today

Visit the winery, Viña Eden, and learn about their three-level winemaking process while taking in exceptional scenery.

Viña Eden was designed in 3 levels aiming at using the force of gravity to contribute to the movements of grapes and wine in the different production stages. The process starts at the highest level where grapes are received and processed and finishes with wine maturing and aging in their cellar, nestled in the hill’s stone, which offers ideal light, temperature, and moisture conditions to produce some of the region’s best wines.

Enjoy a culinary experience during your cooking class at Bodega Garzón, with the staff from the Bodega Garzón restaurant, one of the most exclusive staffs in Punta del Este. Here you will learn the secrets of Francis Mallmann – Ambassador Chef in Garzón –  about his methods of cooking using fires. You will learn simple, local recipes using techniques learned by the team at Francis’s school.


Enjoy a day at leisure

  • Accommodations: Playa VIK
  • Meals Included: Breakfast Today

Enjoy a day at leisure relaxing at the hotel or exploring the area on your own.

The hotel offers outdoor activities such as nature hikes and water expeditions as well as wine tasting and spa experiences.



End your Uruguayan adventure

  • Meals Included: Breakfast Today

Head to the airport for your departure flight from Uruguay.


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With the help of our travel specialists, create a perfect trip planned around your specific interests, tastes and preferences. We will provide helpful tips and honest advice based on first-hand knowledge of the destination.

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